We love the dang internet, OK?
And we love making computers make magic.

Ah, the interwebtoobs. The possibilities–and development times and costs–seem endless, but our approach is simple; we’ll design something remarkable, then use a bevy of Open Source Software (OSS) platforms that allow for powerful and easy to manage Content Management Systems.

We specialize in customizing and building out the full functionality of these systems to create business and product websites with blog, e-commerce and newsletter capability built right in. The end result: better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in. You’ll be able to manage and update your site every minute of every day without having to touch any HTML.

A Really Really Big Photo is a worth a whole mess-ton of words!

We shoot really really nice pictures, under a wide variety of conditions, all over the world. As a bonus there is huge lack of financial pain that comes with our work. We shoot it once, you pay for it once, the end. No ongoing, predatory licensing fees for the images or the models within them. None. And we always shoot at the very highest resolution because we think it’s likely you’ll want to use the images for everything from tiny web banners to giant billboards. Hey, you never know, so just in case, we’ll make sure you’re covered.

Client Galleries

Video & Multimedia are the de facto standards for getting eyes, oohs & ahhs.

There are times you know you need a video. There are times you want a video. You think. And there are ALWAYS times when you wonder if you can afford what you have in mind. No matter your budget, your vision, your deadline, no matter the multiple ways or languages in which you want to display it, we can help you; hey, we’re Industrious! And the very first step is a wicked easy one, because we’re always happy to talk with you about your plans and needs at no charge.

Original music is the emotional propellant of any video or multimedia project.

The unsung hero (sorry) of any cinematic, video, or multimedia presentation is the music. It’s the emotional propellant that triggers all sorts of connections for the viewer. And while there are needledrop libraries out there that could have the perfect music for your project–and, admittedly, we use them often–the impact for your audience will wither the moment they hear the same music in a toilet paper, erectile dysfunction or local used-car dealership commercial. From developing and arranging themes to post-scoring in a wide range of genres, our original music services are well worth the extra time and expense.

We're the Captains of Digital Industry,
and the Robber Barons of Fun.

As Captains of New Media Industry, we conceive, manage and produce creatively-driven, strategically-infused video, multimedia, design, photography, original music, and web projects that delight clients and deliver results.

As Robber Barons of Fun, well…these industries are the cornerstones of modern-day communications. Producing the work, and assuring that the look and feel and messaging align across all media, requires that we constantly maintain the utmost attention to detail. But as we work together, expect to have a little fun. OK by you?